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Lorie A. Meiselman LCSW, LPC, BCCP, ACS, APM

Director of Counseling Services Inc.

  • Board Certified Psychotherapist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Certified Counseling Supervisor

Lorie Meiselman is a psychotherapist who not only works with adults, but adolescents, couples, families, and groups. She is credited with the development of groundbreaking teaching and counseling techniques that blend modern analysis with psychodynamic, meditative and relaxation models, thereby helping patients pave the way for what she likes to call “ongoing self-healing.” A graduate of Brooklyn College, New York University, and Fordham University, Ms. Meiselman has been actively involved in providing therapy services for two decades, both in private practice, and as an on-staff member of some of the country’s most prestigious psychiatric hospitals and learning institutions.

Believing strongly that the non-specific factors, which she describes as “the parts of therapy that have to do with the quality of the therapy relationship itself,” can do as much to promote growth and patient progress as the more concrete and accepted academic elements, she has helped to refine the doctor-client rapport by approaching the needs of patients through their own responses to emotions and personal reflection. This in turn helps them formulate new ways of dealing with their specific problems, by making them more aware of their intellectual and emotional strengths. “Tapping into the patients’ responses to their own emotions and thoughts — while temporarily staying away from the issues that are directly causing them pain — gives them a sense of their ability to create tools and mechanisms for dealing with problems. They see ways to improve directly within themselves which they did not realize were at their disposal, thereby enhancing the therapy process.” This type of psychodynamic approach has led to significant innovations in counseling both the adolescents and adults in therapy, and serves as the core of her approach.

Ms. Meiselman has collaborated with some of the most distinguished minds in her field on writings that have helped to advance her discipline, and the policies of the institutions with which she is affiliated. A distinguished lecturer in her own right, among the landmark papers she has presented are To Express or Suppress: Issues of Censorship and The Expressive Arts Therapies, which she read as part of a conference sponsored by the National Association of Drama Therapy, and To Connect or Disconnect: Moving Through the Social Isolation of Chronic Mental Illness, her presentation to the combined bodies of the National Association of Drama Therapy and the American Therapy Dance Association.