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Audio Therapy for Less than the cost of most co-payments!

Freedom from Anxiety and Panic™ & Freedom to Fly!™ CarryAwayShrink©™

Audio Therapy

Take charge of your thoughts and start feeling better!

With the CarryAwayShrink © audio therapy
there is nothing to study or memorize!
Just sit back… listen, learn, and relax… with Lorie.

Lorie has been recording therapy sessions for her clients since post 9/11 2001.
She used private recordings made during her sessions to help her clients follow through with relaxation techniques outside their therapy sessions. The results in expediting the healing process to overcome anxiety were astonishing! Through popular demand requested by Lorie’s clients, she became inspired to expand her therapeutic practices for the general public and publish her first two recordings:

“Freedom from Anxiety and Panic”
& “Freedom to Fly”

Lorie can help you shrink away your anxiety!

You have nothing to loose and equanimity to gain!

Lorie’s soothing voice will redirect your thoughts and guide you into a new experience. It is easy to learn how to self-soothe and start relaxing. Through listening, you will gain the power to relax and rid yourself from anxiety.

Say good-bye to those nervous-willies, groggy hangovers, and other side effects caused from medications.
Conquer anxiety and live life in a better mood!





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Got the Nervous Willies when you travel?

Arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, empowered and relaxed!

Lorie will help you overcome anxiety and any flying anxiety too!

If you are nervous about flying you are not alone. More and more people are nervous about flying and agitated by checkpoints, long lines, and delays.

Being anxious is not a mental illness; it is our mind playing worry tricks. These worry thoughts are never useful. The more your mind triggers imagined threats, the more it prevents clear thinking.

Our audio therapy can help you or someone you might know who needs a little coaching in overcoming the symptoms of anxiety. The CarryAwayShrink audio’s are designed to make learning easy through repeated listening.


Lorie is on a mission to help people become anxiety free…

Lorie is an advocate for expanding public awareness about the pervasive effects of anxiety disorders. Pharmaceutical drugs do not cure the symptoms of anxiety. Drugs often worsen our ability to manage anxiety and result in addiction. Lorie believes that teaching tools to manage anxiety will heal sufferers. Practicing anxiety management leads to a healthier life and creates a climate for making positive choices!

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