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My name is Lorie Meiselman; your personal audio therapist. I am a specialist in the treatment of anxiety, with twenty years of experience. Anxiety is wide-spread, recent surveys have found that 18% of Americans are affected by anxiety disorders. Learning how to overcome the symptoms of anxiety and panic-upset require an extra effort, and this is what led me to record my first two audio therapy programs. These audios are designed to address the most common characteristics of anxiety and panic, as well as the fears and phobias associated with flying. The CarryAwayShrink audios are available in CD by request and download in an MP3 format. Audio products are easy to carry with you and listen whenever you need to. These programs are affordable for everyone who needs to learn to overcome the symptoms of anxiety. My audios for listening at home, or taking a break at work, or for carrying along while traveling. There is nothing to study or memorize, just listen, learn and relax. Follow my lead, I will guide you through the relaxation methods, and help you heal your mind.

In time, you will learn to become anxiety free!

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MP3 download – Freedom from Anxiety


MP3 download – Freedom to Fly!