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Director of Counseling Services Inc

Lorie A. Meiselman LCSW, LPC, ACS, APM, BCPC

  • Board Certified Psychotherapist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Certified Counseling Supervisor

Counseling Services Inc. (CSi) is owned and operated by Lorie Meiselman. Lorie has been providing psychotherapy services for over two decades. Her goals for Counseling Services, are to grow a strong network of professionals advocating for mental health awareness in the community and provide information about the broad spectrum of health and wellness counseling services.

Counseling Services Inc. is located in the heart of Fort Lee in a professional office building, furnished as a therapeutic environment. The reception room and consultation rooms are decorated for relaxation in warm tones of color and artwork and the waiting room has a fountain of trickling water, giving privacy to any conversations exchanged in the consultation rooms.

Counseling Services Inc., offers individual therapy, couple counseling, group therapy, special group workshops, clinical supervision, divorce mediation and fitness consulting. Our office is shared between independent therapists, counselors, mediators and fitness consultants in their own private practices, all trained in a variety of educational backgrounds.

Finding the right psychotherapist, counselor, or mediator can make a big difference in your life, comfort and success.

We’re here to help so please call Counseling Services today: 201-363-8840.

Is CSi a Proper Fit for You?

We all experience the world differently, and some of us have an easier time than others. CSi offers services for adults, adolescents, children, couples, families and groups. When a child is in treatment with someone from our network, CSi will require the parent(s) to participate in their therapy process. Counseling Services shares referrals within our network of professionals, and we will do our best to help you find the right fit to work with your time schedule.

Therapy offers healing tools that help sort through complexities in your life and in relationships. When stress and conflicts turn into problems, it can cause debilitating symptoms such as anxiety and depression. If these symptoms are left untreated, it can impair the quality of your life and the relationships around you. Our therapeutic specialties include treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia, relationships, grief and loss, learning differences, career and goal counseling, mental illness, and other related emotional challenges.

When marriages can not be repaired we offer divorce mediation as an alternative to costly court battles. When personal fitness becomes a collaborative issue in your emotional condition we can help guide you into a holistic mind and body approach with our expert fitness consultant.

Counseling Services

Individual counseling: Our one-on-one therapy sessions will help identify your obstacles and opportunities more clearly – and take decisions that bring you closer to the person you want to be and to the life you wish to live.

Counseling for Couples: Through private sessions, you and your partner can develop healthy ways to resolve any conflicts, find compassion, nurture one another and discover what you may need in your relationship.

Group counseling: With a group of your peers united by shared issues and/or goals, you can gain a sense of belonging — and learn to understand and grow in a supportive environment. Each group holds about four to six participants, plus the therapist who provides structure and direction. New groups and time schedules are formed based on demand. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in any groups.

Additional Services

Clinical Supervision: Who needs Supervision?

  • Clinical Supervision is available for professional counselors and social work students whom are seeking licensure eligibility.
  • Counselors and psychotherapists regardless of their experience need supervision. CSi recognizes supervision as an ethical imperative. If you are a coach, cleric, educator, physician, therapist, or other professional working with individuals who face mental health challenges, CSi is here to help supervise your cases. A client who encounters a therapist without supervision should probably consider carefully whether they wish to work with that therapist.

Mediation Services: How can Mediation help you?

  • The mediator does not represent any party but will help you work together to resolve the difficult situation. Choosing mediation over litigation will help you save your sanity, costs, protect your assets, resources and protect your children.
  • Mediators do not use complicated legal language. In mediation, the couple decides together on the details of the divorce. This allows for difficult decisions to be made, favorable for both parties, resolving disputes with a sense of dignity and fairness.
  • The mediator helps the spouses design a collaborative agreement for the future, and writes it out clearly. The mediator helps the couple fill out the necessary forms, which are presented for attorney and accountant reviews. The agreement becomes a guide for the whole family, allowing everyone involved to move on to new stage in their lives. The agreement covers finances and, if you have children, a parenting plan and child support. Lastly, the agreement and forms will be filed with the court’s clerk and the case will be set for a final hearing as an uncontested agreement for the dissolution of marriage.

Scheduling Appointment Times

Our appointments are based on the availability of our therapists. Our appointment times are reserved; if you need to change or cancel an appointment, please call as soon as possible to avoid cancellation charges.

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Client Forms

Forms and paperwork must be filed between you and your therapist, just like any other health care service. We offer a special Client Forms page where you can download any of the forms requested by your therapist, counselor or mediator.

Payments and Service Fees

Services fees and copays are due at each visit. If you prefer paying for services by credit card, most our counselor’s carry a square.

Online Registration for our Clients, Customers, and Guests

Please take a moment to register as a member with Counseling Services Inc online. We do not share email addresses; your information is private.

This registration will help us serve you better and us keep you up to date with any changes in our company, products, services, and news letter, along with any useful information or news about our health care system.

Professional office share available

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